Dual-Channel PCM Merger Module for Flight Test Instrumentation

Curtiss-Wright's new packetizer module simultaneously combines information from one or two IRIG-106 PCM streams into industry-standard packets By Mike Ball / 21 Jun 2024
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Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions Division has expanded its range of data acquisition systems designed for demanding flight test programs with the introduction of what the company claims is the industry’s highest speed and most capable PCM (pulse code modulation) packetizer module.

The new dual data channel AXN/PCM/401 IRIG-106 PCM decoder/merger and packetizer module simultaneously combines information from one or two IRIG-106 PCM streams, using clocked line (up to 40 Mbps) or self-clocking codes (up to 20 Mbps), into industry standard packets. Data from each stream is parsed individually into a minor frame buffer, from which it can be read coherently over the backplane.

The flexible AXN/PCM/401 is the industry’s first PCM merger module to support all PCM line codes and data rates up to 40 Mbps. It enables flight test engineers to merge data captured by legacy third-party PCM subsystems into modern networked FTI data acquisition systems. The module can packetize all industry standard PCM formats, as well as select individual parameters from legacy PCM streams. The AXN/PCM/401 is ideal for use in demanding flight test programs, such as fast jet, missile, and eVTOL testing.

Brian Perry, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, commented: “Our SWaP-optimized Axon data acquisition systems for critical flight test applications lead the industry in providing powerful, modular solutions for demanding FTI programs. Our new dual-channel IRIG-106 PCM decoder/merger and packetizer card delivers unmatched 40 Mbps performance while providing a path for merging data from legacy PCM hardware with data from modern networked DAU systems.

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