Digitalized Tactical Combat Training Systems for Polish Army

The computer-based simulation system from Thales will be used to conduct collective training exercises in a virtual and cybersecure environment representative of the Polish Army's theatres of operations By DA Staff / 20 Jul 2021
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Thales has been selected to provide Poland’s land forces with five tactical combat training systems to enable digitalized combat training for personnel at every level of the Polish Army. 

The computer-based simulation system from Thales is used to conduct collective training exercises in a virtual and cyber-secure environment representative of the Polish Army’s theatres of operations. 

The Combat Staff Trainer enables personnel at every level to prepare for tactical missions in a highly realistic environment. The solution includes a complete software suite to prepare and monitor training exercises and conduct after-action reviews. 

An Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Computer Generated Forces (CGF) application helps to develop the training scenario and control the virtual entities taking part in the mission. 

The CGF application models every movement of entities on the ground, taking terrain features and the perceived tactical situation into account to reproduce their behaviors realistically. 2D and 3D models of the theatre of operations will be used to construct scenarios in urban areas and open terrain (mountainous, desert, coastal, etc.) to offer a fully immersive training experience.

In addition, 3D models of the actual weapon systems used by the army can be created and used to provide a fully immersive training experience for the land forces.

Already in service with the French Army, a number of upgrades and expanded functionality will be introduced to the Combat Staff Trainer system to meet the specific needs of the Polish land forces. 

The systems will be delivered to five regiments of the Polish armed forces, and each one can be used to train up to 38 people at the same time.

The Combat Staff Trainer was developed in France and the systems will be delivered in stages over the next two years. 

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