Digital Temperature Compensation Data Acquisition Module for Flight Testing

Curtiss-Wright’s new ADC module interfaces with a range of leading DTC pressure scanners, supporting dual 64-channel inputs By Mike Ball / 11 Apr 2024
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Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions Division has expanded its family of KAM-500 flight test instrumentation (FTI) modules with the addition of a new ADC card that interfaces to multiplexing Digital Temperature Compensation (DTC) pressure scanners, including widely-used models such as the TE Connectivity ESP-32HD and ESP-64HD.

The KAD/MDC/105 module enables the acquisition of pressure and temperature data, and is ideal for military flight test programs for both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.

The module, which supports dual 64-channel DTC pressure scanners, can directly read scanner memory at data rates of up to 50 Ksps per channel, and applies DTC correction algorithms to ensure accurate data, delivering 0.02% full scale range error performance. The KAD/MDC/105 also supports the re-zeroization of the scanner device and stores any corrections in on-module non-volatile memory.

Both KAD/MDC/105 scanner interfaces provide a pair of analog differential-ended inputs for scanner pressure and temperature measurements. In addition to measurement channels, the KAD/MDC/105 also provides individual 6-bit address busses and necessary power supplies. In addition, each address bus serves as a DTC scanner communication interface that can be used to set up the scanner, read DTC calibration memory, measure internal scanner excitation, and check the scanner’s manifold position. The KAD/MDC/105 sequentially addresses 64 multiplexed channels of DTC pressure scanners and measures voltages to further process their outputs according to DTC algorithms based on scanner calibration data.

Brian Perry, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, commented: “The introduction of the KAD/MDC/105, our first KAM-500 DAU module to support DTC Pressure Scanners, exemplifies our commitment to the continual enhancement of our popular KAM-500 data acquisition product family. Our KAM-500 and other DAU product families offer flight test engineers the world’s broadest range of I/O modules with which to easily and quickly integrate the exact test regimen their demanding program requires.”

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