Counter Drone Swarm Weapon for US Ground Combat Vehicle Fleet

General Dynamics Land Systems and Epirus will collaborate to advance mobile Short Range Air Defense solutions and fill capability gaps to defend against drone swarms and other electronic threats By DA Staff / 02 Nov 2021
Epirus’ Leonidas counter-electronics system on a GDLS Stryker
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General Dynamics Land Systems has signed a Strategic Teaming Agreement with Epirus, Inc. to integrate the company’s Leonidas directed energy system and broader high-power microwave technology into the U.S. Army’s GDLS Stryker and other manned and unmanned ground combat vehicles for enhanced mobile Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) capabilities.

In addition to Stryker upgrades, the company is also developing a class of robotic combat vehicles that feature modular architecture to maximize scalability and support future mission needs.

“General Dynamics Land Systems continues to evolve the Army’s largest and most reliable ground combat vehicle fleet with next-generation innovation and high-tech solutions,” said Danny Deep, President of General Dynamics Land Systems.

“This partnership with Epirus benefits the Army’s Stryker mobile SHORAD formations by offering cutting-edge, counter-electronics and counter-swarm capabilities.”

Leonidas’ integration with Stryker enables a fully mobile counter-electronics solution and electronic attack solution and demonstrates the system’s flexible Application Programming Interface (API) and ability to integrate with existing ground-based, airborne and maritime systems for operation across domains. The system’s open API allows for maximum interoperability to meet the mission needs of multiple customer sets. 

Leonidas delivers unprecedented power and performance in a dramatically smaller form factor and is the only directed energy weapon with a proven ability to counter swarming drones and execute precision strikes at range.

“Having the support of one of the largest, most innovative and technologically advanced defense contractors further deepens our industry credibility and the market appeal for Epirus’ directed energy product portfolio,” said Leigh Madden, Epirus Chief Executive Officer.

“With Leonidas integrated into General Dynamics’ combat vehicle fleet, we are unlocking new SHORAD and counter-electronics capabilities to equip our warfighters with combat effective systems that dismantle the threats of today and tomorrow. I look forward to continuing our partnership with our General Dynamics Land Systems colleagues and know that, together, we can deliver on our customers’ mission needs.” 

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