Commercialization of 250 kW Motor Controller for Advanced Air Mobility

LaunchPoint’s MC250 250 kW controller is a lightweight, bi-directional power electronics solution for controlling permanent magnet motor or generator power for applications including electric propulsion and power generation for aircraft By DA Staff / 02 Nov 2021
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LaunchPoint Electric Propulsion Solutions, Inc. has commercialized its highest power controller to date, the MC250 250 kW controller. An ultra-lightweight, bi-directional 250 kW power electronics solution, the MC250 is capable of controlling permanent magnet motor or generator power, designed for applications including electric propulsion and power generation for aircraft in defense, commercial aerospace, and advanced air mobility.

The MC250 can be used as a power converter for high-speed motors or alternators. It is a high switching frequency converter based on SiC MOSFETs that enables high commutation frequency electric machines over the range of 690 V DC to 880 V DC maximum bus voltage. Weighing just 9.0 kg including internal liquid cooling thermal management components, it is ultra-lightweight, with compact measurements of 381 mm x 281 mm x 152 mm.

“To date, our technologies have been tailored toward the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market, and at power level less than 100 kW, but the 250 kW controller now gets us in the higher power range where we can start moving people and significant cargo for defense and advanced air mobility applications,” said Mike Ricci, LaunchPoint’s Chief Technology Officer. 

“With this kind of power, you can move significant physical objects large distances and that capability has a massive impact.”

A high speed/high power alternator is currently in development to pair with the MC250 as a full turbo-alternator power generation solution. Near-term plans include options to be fully MIL-STD compliant or FAA DO-160 compliant.

“LaunchPoint was referred to our large customer as the supplier who could take on their 250 kW controller program. This occurred given our established reputation for solving extremely difficult systems engineering challenges in power generation and controls,” said Chris Grieco, LaunchPoint’s Sr. VP of Global Business Development & Sales. 

“Successfully taking our product line well into the power levels required for the advanced air mobility markets positions our company well as a future volume supplier.” 

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