Collaboration to Provide Advanced MCM Mission Management Capabilities for Naval Forces

Exail will integrate and interface Solutions from Silicon’s Mine Warfare Tactical Command Software with Exail’s Mine Countermeasures solutions By DA Staff / 16 Nov 2022
Exail and SfS
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Exail, formerly ECA Group, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Australian company Solutions from Silicon (SfS) to collaborate on providing advanced data management capabilities that will enable naval crews to prepare, conduct and manage their Mine Countermeasures (MCM) missions more efficiently.

SfS develops MINTACS, the Mine Warfare Tactical Command Software engineered to increase the effectiveness of the capabilities of a naval Mine Warfare and Clearance Diving (MCD) Force. MINTACS increases the scope of mine warfare intervention areas and manages previous campaign history.

Under this MoU, Exail teams will integrate and interface SfS’s MINTACS software with Exail’s MCM solutions. Modules of the MINTACS software will also be integrated with Exail’s UMISOFT Mission Management System (MMS). The combination of the two software will allow crews to compare data between missions, detect changes between surveys and prepare future MCM missions.

MINTACS is currently in service with navies around the world including Australia, the UK, Sweden, New Zealand and Thailand. Exail recently integrated MINTACS with UMISOFT as part of the Mine countermeasures vessel modernization program for the Latvian Navy.

“We’re very pleased to be collaborating with Exail on the integration of our MINTACS software with their solutions, which will give navies an advanced solution and extended capabilities to manage and conduct their mine countermeasures missions,” said Russell Norman, Technical Director, Solutions from Silicon Pty Ltd.

“Teaming with SfS enables Exail to integrate MINTACS, a worldwide recognized Mine Warfare Data Center (MWDC), into Exail’s UMIS (Unmanned MCM Integrated Solution),” said Daniel Scourzic, VP for Strategic Programmes, Exail. “In addition to MINTACS, Exail will also integrate SfS-developed modules into UMISOFT MMS, increasing its interoperability with other MWDC’s and third-party systems by offering military, hydrographic and environmental interfaces. The integration of MINTACS in our solution for the Latvian Navy was a first step towards a long term collaboration with SfS.”

SfS and Exail are reportedly considering further joint R&D activities in Australia and the agreement is testimony to Exail’s desire to nurture lasting partnerships with Australian industry. 

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