Collaboration Developing Ultra Reality Rugged Military Displays

ZMicro will be the exclusive supplier of Brelyon's Ultra Reality rugged displays for deployed military markets By DA Staff / 12 Oct 2022
Brelyon and ZMicro Team Up to Develop Brelyon Ultra Reality Rugged Military Displays
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Brelyon and ZMicro have formed a strategic partnership under which the companies will jointly develop Brelyon’s Ultra Reality rugged displays for deployed military markets, with ZMicro acting as the exclusive supplier of Brelyon’s technology in rugged markets.

Built upon revolutionary work from the MIT Media Lab, Brelyon’s Ultra Reality uses computational wavefront engineering to create a massive field of view with true optical depth, generating an immersive panoramic virtual screen that engulfs the viewer without the need for a headset. 

Through this strategic partnership, ZMicro will license Brelyon’s Ultra Reality technology to create one or more rugged, large-format display products for defense applications, including indirect vision, training, simulation, teleoperations, command and control, and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR).

“Brelyon’s Ultra Reality technology is unlike anything we’ve seen,” said Jason Wade, President of ZMicro. “It has the potential to enable an entirely new way of computing and human-computer interface. By bringing depth and panorama to conventional displays, Brelyon is able to provide large-format and immersive visualization solutions in a small form factor. This is something that can bring huge benefits to military end-users.”

Launched at CES in January 2022, Brelyon’s Ultra Reality combines the latest technical advances in novel physics and computational optics with the company’s patented superconic light-field expansion technologies. Brelyon uses its monocular depth modulation capabilities to provide a visual experience that alleviates eye fatigue and image artifacts for the user. 

Brelyon’s patented Ultra Reality technology renders a massive virtual screen in a compact form factor, designed for space-constrained applications, including inside next-generation ground combat vehicles and remote or distributed node command and control centers.

“Today’s monitors can take up a lot of space and are not immersive,” said Alok Mehta, COO of Brelyon. “Technologies like VR and AR headsets aren’t user-friendly and have poor image quality. We’re reimagining displays to take the computer display experience into the virtual world without headsets. Through our partnership with ZMicro, we will be able to bring a much richer and more productive viewer experience to end-users of deployed military applications.”

“In ZMicro, we’ve found an exceptional partner with the expertise and resources to meet the defense industry’s MIL-SPEC ruggedization standards and bring our products to market,” added Mehta. “With Ultra Reality, Brelyon has been able to break several performance records on conventional parameters for peak brightness, resolution, eye comfort, image size and more. As the defense industry’s need for high-performance displays continues to grow, we believe Brelyon’s large-format display solution is well-positioned to dominate the market.”

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