BLOS Troposcatter Communications System Demonstrated

Meeting U.S. Army range requirements, Ultra Intelligence & Communications Archer troposcatter communications system successfully maintained a communications link beyond 185km By Joseph Macey / 08 Apr 2024
Ultra Demos Archer BLOS Troposcatter Communications Systems
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Ultra Intelligence & Communications has launched its Archer family of troposcatter communication system to the global defense market.

The launch follows a recent demonstration where the beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) platform successfully maintained a communications link beyond 185 kilometers.

With the demo, the system met U.S. Army range requirements, providing a resilient, redundant layer of secure communications.

“Offering the Archer family of troposcatter systems to our global defense partners is a testament to our ability to invest, innovate and deliver on crucial capabilities, when our customers need it most,” said Chris Bishop, chief growth officer of Ultra Intelligence & Communications. “We pride ourselves on building solid, trusted, long-term customer partnerships – combining decades of functional and technical experience with an innate ability to innovate and deliver revolutionary advancements at speed and scale.”

“Troposcatter bridges the gap when satellite communications aren’t accessible due to jamming, location or other factors, making it a cost-effective way to move beyond line-of-sight relays,” said Faith Rhodes, vice president of programs for Ultra I&C’s Communications business. “This resilient layer of communications is becoming more important as we prepare for the potentiality of a day without SATCOM.”

Ultra I&C’s troposcatter technology is tested to be resilient in diverse operational environments, withstanding interference and jamming to deliver key communication links over vast distances where fixed communications face limitations.

The Archer family of systems allows for quick deployment and self-alignment of antennas, ensuring connectivity at mission speed.

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