BAE Systems Partners with AMS to Reinforce Artillery Systems Support

BAE Systems and AMS will offer specialized artillery systems repair and support services directly to Ukrainian armed forces from within Ukraine By Abi Wylie / 28 Dec 2023
BAE Systems Partners with AMS to Reinforce Artillery Systems Support
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BAE Systems and AMS Integrated Solutions Ltd have committed to working together to offer support for artillery systems being used in Ukraine and produced by BAE Systems.

During a visit to Kyiv, the two companies have signed an agreement that will enable them to offer specialized artillery systems support directly to Ukrainian armed forces from within Ukraine. 

Under the agreement, the BAE Systems and AMS team will offer repair and support services for artillery systems donated by the UK Government. AMS would use existing maintenance centers in Ukraine, where it employs Ukrainian engineers.

Both BAE Systems and AMS have significant proven expertise in the support of medium and large caliber weapon systems. BAE Systems originally manufactured a significant proportion of the equipment that the UK and other governments have provided to Ukraine. 

The company is currently working with neighboring NATO countries to provide support, training and repairs to the Ukrainian armed forces.

AMS is a leading provider of Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Services, to Governments, Aid Agencies and commercial organisations. AMS already has an agreement with the UK Ministry of Defence to repair platforms in use in Ukraine and have established facilities in country to carry out this work.

Gabby Costigan, Group Managing Director of Business Development for BAE Systems, said; “By working with AMS’s skilled engineers in country, we can help the Ukrainian armed forces get critical artillery equipment back into operational service more quickly. 

“This agreement is another example of our ongoing commitment to support Ukraine, building on the establishment of a local entity earlier this year. As we move ahead, we’ll continue to explore the best ways we can help Ukraine deliver long-term national security.”

Gary Riordan, CEO of AMS, added; “At AMS, we are honored to join forces with BAE Systems in reinforcing our commitment to support Ukraine’s war effort. Our partnership signifies a union of expertise and dedication, leveraging BAE Systems’ extensive experience in manufacturing artillery systems and our proven track record in Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Services. 

“This collaboration allows us to utilize our in-country facilities and skilled engineers to rapidly restore critical artillery equipment, ensuring the resilience and readiness of Ukraine’s defence capabilities.”

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