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Alcon Refreshes Armored Vehicle Brake Kits

Alcon Components' refresh takes account of recent customer demands and covers some of the most popular vehicle kits, the Toyota LC300 and the Nissan Patrol brake kit By Joseph Macey / 17 May 2024
Alcon Refreshes Armored Vehicle Brake Kits
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Alcon Components has refreshed the company’s armored vehicle brake kits. 

Alcon’s brake kits are used by armouring companies to improve performance and safety when the significant weight of armor is added to a vehicle. 

This ‘refresh’ covers some of the most popular vehicle kits, the Toyota LC300 and the Nissan Patrol.

Toyota LC-300 brake kit 

Due to the unprecedented demand for the Toyota LC300 front only kit, Alcon has introduced a single piece disc to replace the current two-piece disc, which is more in keeping with the demands of the market. Fitting the refreshed brake kit with the new disc will increase available brake torque, reduce brake fade and fluid vaporisation, extend brake service intervals and reduce through-life costs.

The LC300 kit now gives an increase of up to 36% in disc thermal capacity, a reduction of up to 36% in front pad work rate and an increase of up to 9% in available front brake torque, over standard. Moving to a one-piece disc removes the requirement for manual disc assembly and gives a more robust product. Alcon repeated their full dynamometer test schedule to validate the disc, exceeding requirements on the disc strength, disc cracking and disc coning tests. The friction performance test indicated that the slight variation in grade of disc material has increased the friction coefficient between pad and disc.

Nissan Patrol Brake Kit

Due to the recent resurgence of the Nissan Patrol in the armored vehicle market, Alcon have refreshed and re-introduced the Nissan Patrol brake kit.

The Alcon Nissan Patrol kit includes a caliper from the well proven CIR15 family used on many other armored and defense applications. Like the refreshed LC300 kit, it also includes a one-piece disc. The Alcon Nissan Patrol kit now gives an increase of up to 15% reduction in disc temperature rise, up to 35% reduction in front and rear pad work rates and up to 7% increase in available brake torque, over standard.

Alcon’s refreshed armored vehicle brake kits sit alongside a wide range of other kits that deliver improvements in performance and safety and reduce through-life costs. As well as the LC300 and Patrol kits, Alcon can provide off-the-shelf kits for multiple vehicles including:

  • Ford F150/F550/F250/F350
  • Ranger/Raptor series, GMC1500, RAM5500
  • GMC K2-based platforms Tahoe and Escalade
  • Chevrolet’s Suburban and Suburban HD
  • Mercedes Sprinter 4×4
  • Toyota Tacoma and Toyota’s LC300, LC 200, Hilux, LC70 series

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