Airborne Signals Intelligence Systems for NATO Customer 

Horizon Technologies’ FlyingFish airborne signals intelligence systems are already used by customers around the world seeking to upgrade their intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities By DA Staff / 24 May 2022
Horizon Technologies FlyingFish
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Horizon Technologies has received a contract from a NATO customer for the provision of its FlyingFish airborne Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) systems.

The FlyingFish system is currently involved in NATO operations along the Ukrainian border, and is exceeding expectations as part of these high-tempo missions.

The £2 million contract follows a number of Q1 2022 orders from a variety of customers around the world seeking to upgrade their Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.  

“Our Aerospace Segment continues to overperform. Sales this quarter have equaled our total sales for Covid-constrained 2021, and we are on track for our best year ever in 2022 with continued profitable growth,” said Horizon Technologies’ CEO John Beckner. “We are happy to enable our NATO customers to provide valuable real-time SIGINT data to the requisite C3I networks.

“The conflict in the Ukraine has clearly shown the value of sophisticated airborne SIGINT capabilities to provide real-time data to our NATO and Allied end-users. Based on the operational experience to date, feedback, and assistance, from our end-users, Horizon Technologies is looking forward to implementing AmberLink as a part of the FlyingFish/BlackFish mission software later this year. AmberLink will provide ISR/SIGINT aircraft with a direct real-time data feed from our Amber space-based intelligence data system. This will allow these users to have a space-based ‘over the horizon’ SIGINT capability in their manned and unmanned aircraft.”

Horizon Technologies will be part of the Virgin Orbit Tribute Launch from the UK in Summer, 2022 with the launch of its Amber-1 SIGINT CubeSat. Launches of additional Amber CubeSats will follow and be formally announced at the Farnborough Air Show in July.

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