Advanced Autonomous Combat Support UGV on Display at DSA Exhibition

The advanced unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) on display at the Defense Services Asia (DSA), THeMIS, is configured to transport cargo and for casualty evacuation By Joseph Macey / 03 May 2024
Autonomous Combat Support UGV Being Displayed at DSA Exhibition
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Milrem Robotics is set to introduce its advanced autonomous combat support unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), THeMIS, at the Defense Services Asia (DSA), Kuala Lumpur.

The THeMIS UGV is an operationally proven multi-role unmanned ground vehicle that considerably enhances combat effectiveness while reducing manpower requirements. These vehicles can be utilized for a wide range of missions, including logistics, casualty evacuation, reconnaissance, and, equipped with remote weapon systems, for combat operations, making them invaluable assets for modern armed forces.

The vehicle on display at DSA is configured to transport cargo and for casualty evacuation. The same systems are combat-proven and are currently deployed in Ukraine. The Royal Thai Army is using a combat THeMIS UGV.

Patrick E. Shepherd, Chief Sales Officer of Milrem Robotics, said; “UGVs, equipped with advanced technologies and autonomous capabilities, are already playing a crucial role in assisting and even replacing soldiers on the battlefield. These cutting-edge systems not only enhance operational efficiency but also significantly mitigate risks to human life.”

Shepherd added; “Moreover, the deployment of UGVs reduces the burden on human troops, allowing them to focus on strategic planning and higher-level tasks while delegating repetitive or dangerous missions to autonomous systems.”

THeMIS UGVs are equipped with Milrem Robotics’ Intelligent Functions Kit – MIFIK – that leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms and allows operators to plan missions using waypoint navigation and set en-route vehicle behaviours.

The UGVs can operate autonomously in complex and dynamic environments, drastically reducing the need for human intervention and reducing the need for large manpower deployments.

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