ADLINK Launches First 12th Gen Intel Core Powered COMs

Breakthrough Intel Core technology with ADLINK Computer-on-Modules (COMs) allow for hybrid architecture performance and a wide variety of deployment scenarios with superior performance By DA Staff / 11 Jan 2022
ADLINK Launches First 12th Gen Intel Core Powered COMs
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ADLINK Technology Inc. has introduced the world’s first 12th Gen Intel Core processor-based Computer-on-Modules (COMs), available in two form factors – COM-HPC Client Type and COM Express Type 6. 

ADLINK COMs with the Intel 12th Gen Intel Core processor family (Alder Lake-H) allow for a unique design that can be adapted for single-thread or multithread performance. The advanced hybrid architecture can be used for stationary, mobile and portable solutions. It also provides system integrators with future proof design that supports both current and future best-in-class peripherals.

“Working closely with Intel, we are bringing timely, next-generation computing modules to the market with Intel Alder Lake-H,” said Alex Wang, Senior Product Manager – Module Product Center, ADLINK. “We now offer a full line-up of COM-HPC and COM Express modules for any deployment scenario and budget.”

ADLINK COMs with Intel Alder Lake-H provides support for PCIe 4.0 and DDR5 memory with up to 4800 MT/s combined with increased cache, as well as security and manageability features, Artificial Intelligence (AI) enablement to deliver intelligent workload optimization, enhanced graphics, AI, computer vision, and enhanced peripheral, connectivity, and fast memory access capabilities.

The integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics architecture, with up to 96EUs, offers four concurrent 4K60 HDR displays and an Intel Deep Learning Boost to deliver superior AI performance. Using DDI, eDP 1.4b and USB4/TBT4, the four independent displays support Display Alternative mode, providing premium graphics features for superior content support, display and I/O virtualization.

System integrators can use ADLINK COMS with Intel Alder Lake-H to boost productivity and fuel Internet of Things (IoT) innovation across a wide variety of applications, including test and measurement, industrial edge servers, machine vision, security or perimeter tracking, and access control.

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