20-Kilowatt Modern Gensets to be Developed for German Armed Forces

VINCORION will supply a series of smaller gensets with a capacity of 20 kilowatts in addition to the large 200 and 50 kilowatt gensets that Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology, and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) ordered in 2022 By Joseph Macey / 06 Sep 2023
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Rendering of PGM low emissionsV in the power class 20 kilowatts.

Germany’s Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology, and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has contracted VINCORION to develop modern gensets in the 20-kilowatt power class as well as matching battery storage modules in the same power class. 

The contract also encompasses the production of prototypes and numerous pre production models for widespread troop testing.

This means that VINCORION will now supply a series of smaller gensets with a capacity of 20 kilowatts in addition to the “large” 200- and 50-kilowatt gensets that BAAINBw ordered in November 2022.

The gensets are designed specifically for mobile use, and can supply command and control posts with power in an environmentally friendly manner, be used for communication and surveillance systems, or secure the operation of sensitive IT or medical technology. 

“High temperatures, sand, dust, and other environmental influences have no effect on the rugged system,” said Dr. Stefan Stenzel, VINCORION’s Managing Director, on the new gensets, which are manufactured by VINCORION at its factory in Altenstadt, Bavaria. 

The units can be brought into operation quickly and meet the highest safety and fire prevention requirements.

“VINCORION stands for green defense,” added Stenzel. “Which means developing solutions that are as climate friendly as possible.” That is why the military power generation units, in which the company installs diesel engines with state-of-the-art exhaust gas aftertreatment, bear the name “PGM low emissionsv.”

In normal operation, the gensets comply with the relevant requirements and emission limits of the Euro 5 emissions standard. If required, however, for example in the context of a foreign deployment of the German Armed Forces, the gensets can also be used with regionally available diesel fuel or common military fuels in accordance with the NATO single-fuel policy, just like the 20-kilowatt gensets’ “big brothers.”

An innovative “emission downgrade” technology even makes it possible to use watered down fuels or those with a high sulfur content. This ensures that power is always available, even during difficult operations – a non-negotiable in crisis situations.

In addition to the gensets, BAAINBw also contracted VINCORION to supply new battery modules. Daniel Zeitler, Director Product Management at VINCORION, explained: “Our innovative ‘ESM hybridv’ energy storage modules can be operated in conjunction with the ‘PGM low emissionsv’ units. This avoids both critical load peaks when a significant amount of electricity has to be supplied as well as the otherwise frequent underload operation of the diesel engines during periods of low electricity demand. The latter particularly protects the units from unnecessary wear and tear and saves a considerable amount of fuel. In addition, the energy storage modules make it possible to use local power grids or solar power systems without generating any emissions whatsoever, with the diesel genset merely serving as a backup. This means that our modern hybrid technology is now also available for the 20 kW class, which will be the German Armed Forces’ future workhorse when it comes to energy.”

The first test model for the new 20-kilowatt unit is scheduled for delivery to the German Armed Forces in late 2024, with pre production models to follow a year later. Provided the necessary budgetary resources are made available, the first production models are scheduled to be delivered to the troops in 2026.

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