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Power Supplies, Systems, Batteries & Equipment - Overview

Capable of operating in harsh environments and extreme temperatures, military power systems are able to support high voltages and low input signals over long use cycles.

Developed to require minimal maintenance, rugged power supplies and battery management systems are dependable and durable in the field. They also feature power spike and lightning strike protection and can withstand shock and high vibration.

  • Heavy-duty AC-DC converters are used to power shipboard and airborne equipment as well as battlefield generators
  • Military-grade single-phase transformers can be used in missiles, submarines and tanks and are often used in other tactical aerial applications as well.
  • Rugged DC-AC inverters provide consistent current inversion for use on ships, aircraft, and military land vehicles
  • Military electronics and telecommunications applications can utilize high temperature resistant three-phase transformers
  • Aeronautical equipment such as rockets and satellites often use QPL transformers, such as 1000-watt AC-DC switchers which are designed to endure, intense vibration and extremely cold conditions
  • Low-noise DC-DC converters are often used in military drones and tactical unmanned systems, offering adjustable voltage outputs
  • Voltage spikes in power supply units can be prevented by employing over-voltage protectors.
  • Military-grade electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters protect electrical circuits from the causes of information data loss and degradation.