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ISA-100C High performance tactical grade IMU

High performance tactical grade IMU

High performance tactical grade IMU combines with NovAtel's GNSS technology to deliver 3D position, velocity and attitude solutions. Visit Website Contact

The IMU-ISA-100C features Northrop-Grumman Litef GMBH's proven inertial measurement technology offering exceptional performance when paired with a NovAtel SPAN receiver. The IMU-ISA-100C is a near navigation grade sensor containing fiber optic gyros and fully temperature compensated Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometers. The IMU design offers compact size, low power consumption and low weight and features an extensive set of built in tests. The IMU-ISA-100C operates from 9-34 VDC and interfaces with NovAtel's PwrPak7® through a highly reliable IMU interface. IMU measurements are used by the SPAN receiver to compute a blended GNSS+INS position, velocity and attitude solution at rates up to 200 Hz.

  • Low noise fiber optic gyros and MEMS accelerometers
  • 200 Hz data rate
  • SPAN INS functionality
  • High performance IMU
  • Commercially exportable
  • Easy integration with NovAtel's SPAN capable GNSS+INS receivers
  • Ideal for aerial and hydrographic survey as well as industrial applications

General Info

Length (mm): 180.00
Width/Diameter (mm): 150.00
Height (mm): 137.00
Weight (g): 5000.00
Typical Power Consumption (W): 18.00

IMU Data Rate: 200 Hz
IMU Info: Wheel Sensor Input


Input range: ±495 deg/sec
Bias stability: ≥0.5 deg/hr
Angular random walk: 0.012 deg/√hr
Accelerometer Range: ±10 g
Bias repeatability: ≥1250 µg


The IMU-ISA-100C offers extremely high performance and precise accuracy at an affordable price point. It is commercially exportable and offers an ideal solution for applications such as platform stabilization, general purpose navigation, photogrammetry, remote sensing and ground mobile mapping.


For more demanding applications, Inertial Explorer® post-processing software from our Waypoint® Products Group can be used to post-process SPAN IMU-ISA-100C data for the highest level of system accuracy.