Surveillance Systems and Equipment

Surveillance Systems and Equipment Overview

Military Surveillance Systems

Military surveillance systems range from individual sensors and cameras to entire connected systems. These include:

Acoustic weapon locating systems which can be used to determine the location of enemy weapons by detecting sound waves from enemy fire or explosions by using data processing and triangulation techniques.

Day-use charge-coupled device (CCD) TV cameras, night infrared (IR) cameras, targeting cameras, some of which come with embedded intelligence such as image enhancement algorithms and calculation capabilities.

Fire control systems that use diode-laser technology to measure ranges and distances for man-portable weapons such as shoulder launched grenade launchers or artillery.

Multi-sensor head units attached to two-axis pan/tilts which can be equipped with cameras, laser rangefinder, GPS and/or digital magnetic compasses for position and direction monitoring.

Special monitoring and surveillance vehicles are designed to increase the security of border zones and critical infrastructure. They can be equipped with CCD TV camera, IR camera, laser rangefinder, GPS and/or digital magnetic compass and are able to detect and identify objects of interest up to a 20km range day or night and in adverse weather conditions.

Under Vehicle Surveillance and Inspection systems, embedded in the road or handheld, can be used to inspect and scan the underside of a vehicle in search of explosive devices or contraband. Some scanning cameras can record images in high definition at up to 900 frames per second even when a vehicle is moving at speeds up to 75 km/h.

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