Multiplexers Overview

Electronic Multiplexers

A multiplexer is an electronic device used in electronic communication systems that selects and routes one data input from multiple signals and forwards it to a single output. 

Multiplexers are built from relays and transistor switches in analog applications. In digital applications they are built using logic gates.

Multiplexers increase the efficiency of communication systems by allowing transmission of different data types simultaneously, such as audio and video for example.


On the other hand, a demultiplexer accepts one input and gives multiple outputs. These can be used to reconstruct the parallel data that has been combined through a multiplexer. 

A multiplexer and demultiplexer are often used in a single piece of equipment or communication system. One is needed at each end of a communication system since most communication systems are bidirectional, meaning the data is transmitted and received in both directions.

Military Multiplexers 

For military use, analog switches and multiplexers must conform to the MIL-PRF-38535 standard in order to determine the quality, performance, and reliability constraints for integrated circuit components in military and avionic systems.

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