Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH)

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Overview Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH)
By Technology Editor Last updated: March 25th, 2022

LOMAH Systems

Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) systems are used on firing ranges and in live firing exercises to give feedback on the precise location of each round fired, as they pass through or by, the target. Military LOMAH systems are designed to operate in the harshest conditions and climates and are rated against the ingress of dust and debris.

The LOMAH system is made up of a target sensor or “bar”, a firing sensor, a feedback monitor, and a computer in the firing ranges control tower or room. The system detects the presence of rounds passing over or near the sensors and constructs an electronic picture of the target board in real time.

LOMAH systems are used to improve shooter accuracy by giving accurate shot locations on the target. An extra level of realism can be added by enabling location calculations to trigger different ‘responses’ from the target. LOMAH calculations can also include the ability to distinguish between shots being fired in different lanes and different ammunition calibers, including supersonic projectiles.