Landmine Clearance Systems & Equipment

Landmine Clearance Systems/Equipment Overview

Rapid Landmine Clearance Systems

Military mine clearance often needs to be undertaken quickly in order to clear a path through minefields. This can be done in a number of ways using a variety of landmine clearance systems.

Mine Plows
Attached to the front of tanks mine plows clear a safe path by either detonating mines on contact or by pushing them to the side of the tank, where they can be safely disposed of later by bomb disposal experts.

Flails are chains with weights on the end that swing like hammers. They are suspended from a rotating drum which is mounted on the end of an extended arm attached to the front of military vehicles. Fails use strike force to detonate landmines, they can also damage firing mechanisms and extract them from the ground. Vehicles fitted with flails absorb explosion forces and deflect projectiles by being fitted with additional armour, blast shields and suspended cabins.

Mine Excavation
Modified construction vehicles equipped with additional armour plating and reinforced glass are used to excavate landmines. These vehicles include:

  • bulldozers
  • excavators
  • front-end loaders
  • tractors
  • soil sifters

These vehicles remove the top layer of soil containing the mines. The soil can then be carefully filtered and examined by mine disposal units or fed through an industrial rock crusher, which itself features extra armour to allow it to withstand the forces of a mine blast.

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