Ground Stabilization Solutions & Temporary Runways

Find suppliers and manufacturers of Military Ground Stabilization Solutions; grids, matting and soil stabilization equipment for temporary runways and road stabilization for defense applications
Overview Ground Stabilization Solutions & Temporary Runways
By Defense Advancement Last updated: June 8th, 2022

Military ground stabilization solutions, temporary runways and road stabilization equipment may be deployed in areas where troops and vehicles need to traverse, or where aircraft and helicopters need to take off and land. They are typically used where the terrain is otherwise unsuitable for these operations, due to sand, mud, loose soil, snow, or ice.

Military Ground Stabilization

Stabilization solutions may be intended for short-term applications such as when quick vehicle access is required, or longer-term deployments such as for ongoing disaster response or creating convoy supply routes. Ground stabilization can also help protect against tampering with the road surface and prevent the placement of IEDs. In addition to providing a solid operating surface, the use of stabilization solutions for temporary runways and helipads also helps prevent foreign object damage (FOD) to aircraft from loose rocks and other pieces of debris.

Medium Ground Mobility System by Faun Trackway
Medium Ground Mobility System by Faun Trackway

Chemical Soil Stabilization

Ground stabilization may be carried out by applying a specially formulated chemical, which is typically mixed with water and spread over the terrain. The chemical binds soil particles together and may create a surface that is resistant to erosion from footfall, vehicle traffic, wind and other factors. It may provide options for tailoring towards a variety of different soil types and environmental conditions.

Temporary Runways & Roads

Temporary runways and roads may also be created with the use of a modular system that uses interlocking pieces, or cells that can use local sand or soil for infill to aid runway and road stabilization. The components may be manufactured from a tough synthetic polymer material, or from aluminum or steel. Lighter materials are often preferred if the components have to be airlifted in, so that more can be carried in a single flight.

Road & Runway Matting

Road and runway matting may be laid down by specially equipped deployment trucks in order to save time and effort compared to manual deployment.

Aircraft Landing Mat by Faun Trackway
Aircraft Landing Mat by Faun Trackway