Military Field Kitchens & Catering Equipment

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Overview Military Field Kitchens & Catering Equipment
By Technology Editor Last updated: March 22nd, 2022

Container Kitchen Units

Military field kitchens are usually deployed in container units and can be extended in a modular fashion by adding more units. These can be fitted with electrical generators, water and wastewater storage, water purification systems, etc., or they can be connected to site services infrastructure.

Mobile Field Kitchen Units

Trailer-mounted field kitchen units that are fuelled by either LPG, diesel or multi-fuel can be used to provide catering facilities for up to 300 people. These can also be accompanied by portable refrigeration and freezer units.

System Field Kitchens

System field kitchens are a more permanent fixture. These kitchens can be used as a central mess or as separate units in a larger, more traditional, high-volume food preparation facility. Other support units such as washing and toilet stations, laundries and bakeries can also be added.

Depending on the climate, these kitchens can be ventilated by either opening windows, doors and hatches, or they can be fitted with heating and air-conditioning systems.