Driver’s Vision Systems

Driver’s Vision Systems Overview

Driver Vision Enhancer Systems

Driver Vision Enhancer (DVE) systems are passive thermal imaging systems that typically consist of a Display Control Module (DCM), Sensor Module (SM), and interfacing manual and Electronic Pan and Tilt Modules.

Drivers of military vehicles must be able to operate in all weather conditions, day or night, as well as in all light levels and combat situations engulfed by smoke.

A number of configurations and driver vision packages are possible; from a single periscope to various embedded processing units and cameras connected to operate in a cluster as a full 360° system. Cameras and periscopes used in military driver vision systems are ruggedized and capable of operating across a broad temperature range – delivering clear vision in all light conditions.


Sensor Modules in vision systems are generally lightweight, uncooled passive thermal imaging cameras consisting of:

  • Infrared (IR) objective lens
  • IR detector
  • signal processing electronics
  • environmental housing
  • power, control, and video signal connection

Images are transmitted to the DCM, a latency-free, liquid-crystal display that allows clear, uninterrupted images from each camera and can even stitch together the images from camera clusters to provide a 360-degree view around the vehicle, eliminating blind spots.

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