UK Ministry of Defence Publishes Acquisition Pipeline 

The Acquisition Pipeline is a forward look of future potential procurement activity undertaken by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) By DA Staff / 24 Jun 2022
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The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has published its first Acquisition Pipeline, which is a forward look of potential procurement activity across Defense. Another iteration of the MoD Acquisition Pipeline will be published later this year and will be updated every 6-months thereafter. 

This is the first time MoD has published its Acquisition Pipeline. As such, it will review the number of procurements it is able to share with industry through future updates to the pipeline.

This is a step change in transparency, which the MoD has said it envisages will help enable suppliers to have more time to plan, innovate and deliver high-quality responses. It also allows newer entrants to the market to participate, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Access the MoD Acquisition Pipeline here>

Acquisition Pipeline Details
The information presented is for information only and reflects the MoD’s anticipated procurement pipeline. Neither the publication of this pipeline, nor any of the information presented in it, should be taken as a commitment or representation on the part of MoD (or any other organization) to enter into a contractual arrangement or to proceed with a procurement. Circumstances may change and the MoD cannot guarantee that the requirements, contract value, and/or timeline will be as stated. 

There may also be further contracting activity that takes place that the MoD is unable to publish on the Pipeline, either due to specific security sensitivities of the work or because it is currently not aware of them.

The sourcing route for procurements featured in this pipeline has not been determined. For example, whether the procurement will be sourced competitively or single source is shown only as a guide at this stage. The MoD cannot guarantee that these opportunities will be available to all suppliers.

Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Government to Government (G2G) procurements have been excluded from this Acquisition Pipeline.

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