UDT 2023

May 9-11, 2023
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Key Details Dates: May 9-11, 2023 Venue: Rostock , Germany
About UDT 2023

The largest global event dedicated to the undersea defence industry is back, Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) 2023 will bring together researchers, military end-users and professionals spanning the entire supply chain to evaluate developing solutions in one of the harshest environments known to man.

What to expect:

The three day conference will cover all crucial aspects, key challenges, and the latest developments within the Undersea Defence and Security domain. The intention is to explore an aspect of underwater defence and security that is rarely discussed but is of increasing importance in the near future: Maintaining operational advantage with increased Maritime domain awareness.


9th – 11th May

More Information and Registration

To learn more about UDT 2023, to register to attend or exhibit, please click below.

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