Chatham House Security and Defence 2024

February 27-27, 2024
United Kingdom
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Key Details Dates: February 27-27, 2024 Venue: Chatham House 10 St James’s Square London SW1Y 4LE, United Kingdom
About Chatham House Security and Defence 2024

The Chatham House Security and Defence conference will explore the implications of the changing global security order, as well as the nature of conflict and the potential avenues for enhanced cooperation on issues of common and strategic interest to successfully tackle 21st-century threats.

Why attend Chatham House Security and Defence 2024?

Attendees will be able to gain knowledge on how defence leaders are viewing the many and varied threats to national safety and what countries and defence organisations are doing to counter these. They will gain unique insights into the next generation of threats from experts in cyber, critical infrastructure, space and more. There will be in-person networking opportunities with senior leaders from across government, the army and business at Chatham House and access to exclusive ‘under the rule’ sessions.

More Information and Registration

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