Air Mission Planning and Support conference

April 6-7, 2022
United Kingdom
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Key Details Dates: April 6-7, 2022 Venue: London, United Kingdom
About Air Mission Planning and Support conference

The SMi Group is delighted to announce the 13th annual Air Mission Planning and Support conference, taking place on the 6th – 7th April 2022 in London, United Kingdom.

Operating in the information warfare age brings its own unique opportunities and challenges, as nations seek to enhance air power, while guarding against potential vulnerabilities and managing unprecedented volumes of data. This meeting will provide a stage to discuss new and innovative systems, and efforts to upgrade, modernise and improve existing platforms, as allied air forces continue to seek the operational edge.

Topics discussed include: (pre)flight data management, multi-domain command and control, operating in a degraded environment, 5th generation integration and many  more…

  • A unique opportunity to engage with key senior leaders, strategic planners and operators, from host nation and international air forces from around the world
  • Examine the latest developments in air mission planning, with a truly holistic event providing briefs covering fast-jet, heavy-lift and rotary perspectives, from advanced tactical simulators to the operator’s view
  • Listen to detailed updates on topics such as; fifth generation integration, multi-domain command and control, data-management considerations, and more
  • Benefit from unrivalled networking opportunities, as senior personnel from the military, government, and industry come together to discuss the future challenges, technologies and solutions across the world
More Information and Registration

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