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Target Active Researchers, Engineers and Buyers with B2B Display Advertising

Engage with the military & defense engineering community with high-exposure online display ads on DefenseAdvancement.com

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High-Performance Display Advertising from $295/month

B2B display advertising with Defense Advancement lets you reach targeted engineers, specifiers, researchers and buyers within the defense industry throughout their product evaluation and selection process.

970 x 250px

728 x 90px

Fixed Footer
728 (or 970) x 90px

Large Rectangle
400 x 333px

Medium Rectangle
400 x 120px

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Sitewide Ads

High-exposure banner ads shown across all sections of the website

Your ad will appear alongside our much-acclaimed technical content, including new innovations, technology and product launches, contract wins, special developments, case studies and white papers. It is also shown across all product categories, webinar and event pages.

Display Ads on Category Search Pages

Highly-focused placement targeting visitors who are actively showing interest in a chosen product category.

These ‘Large Rectangle’ size ads appear at the top of your chosen category page(s) above the Sitewide Ads and page filters. They are limited to just one company per category, per calendar year.

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Advertising FAQs

No, you can run banner ads without having a profile.

However, if you’re a manufacturer or supplier of defense technology and equipment, we always recommend you set up at least a base ‘Silver’ level membership profile first for maximum exposure year-round to engineers and buyers when they are actively researching your product or technology type.

Click here to find out more about membership profiles.

We offer the following ad sizes and locations – please contact us for current availability.

Sitewide ads
Appear throughout the website – on news and articles, events and webinars. Those shown with an * also appear at the top of company profiles and product pages, where the supplier has not opted for an exclusive banner.

Billboard*: 970 x 250px
Leaderboard*: 728 x 90px
Fixed Footer: 728 x 90px
Fixed Footer (Wide): 970 x 90px
Large Rectangle: 400 x 333px
Medium Rectangle: 400 x 120px

We support most common ad formats, including static images (jpg, png), animated images (gif) and HTML5 animated ads. Sizes must be kept to a minimum and in no cases more than 750KB.

Yes! In fact, we often run ads for events as the audience we attract are often a very good fit for events looking to attract more visitors and exhibitors.

On rare occasions we may offer a banner discount as past of a reciprocal media partnership – please contact us for details.

Yes – our sitewide ads can be purchased for a single month. We do however always recommend a sustained campaign in order to achieve maximum impact, and offer discounts for three and six month bookings.

Our category sponsorship ads are only available to one company per product category, per year, and as such must be selected for a 12-month duration. These ads are much more targeted as they will only appear on the category page(s) you choose – impressions will be lower but relevance and engagement will always be high.

All sitewide ad slots have a maximum occupancy of three ads, with ads shown equally (single ad per page load – they do not rotate during the page viewing).

Category ads only have one company per slot.

Yes – we can help with creative if you don’t have in-house or agency resource to produce your ad. Please just ask for a quote when making your enquiry.

It’s all down to your goals. Are you looking for general brand awareness, visits to your website, downloads of a document or completions of a web form? Depending on what you’re looking to achieve you’ll need to monitor different performance indicators.

As a ‘first indicator’, most of our clients will monitor web traffic via Google Analytics or similar. Volume of traffic is of course important, however engagement once on your website (session duration, bounce rate, pages per session) will also indicate whether visitors are of the right type and finding information that interests them.

If you have goals and conversions set up in your analytics system (i.e. the user visits a certain page, downloads a document, clicks an email address or completes a form), the conversion rate will provide a very clear picture of whether your ads are attracting genuine business interest.

Your ads can (and should) have unique tracking URLs including campaign information, so that monitoring performance is as simple as possible.

If you need help with tracking urls or analytics please get in touch – we have a significant amount of experience and are always happy to help.

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