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Cutting-Edge Electro-Mechanical Actuators for Military & Defense Applications

Volz Servos
Cutting-Edge Electro-Mechanical Actuators for Military & Defense Applications
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Volz Servos is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of standard, redundant and submersible actuators for a wide range of military, aerospace and defense applications. With over 40 years of industry experience, we deliver mission-critical solutions that meet the highest standards of functional safety and reliability and are perfectly tailored to the needs of key industry primes and OEMs.

Since the incorporation of AEE Aircraft Electronic Engineering GmbH, an EASA-approved production, maintenance and alternative development organization, our know-how has expanded to include a unique focus on certification in the AAM and UAV sectors. This makes it easier for Volz Servos to design customized, certifiable actuators that comply with both European and American aviation law.

Volz Servo Actuators

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Standard ActuatorsStandard Actuators

Our line of standard brushed and brushless actuators offers peak torque options of up to 350 Nm (1800 lbf-in). Construction options include carbon fiber-reinforced plastic housings or rugged aluminum enclosures for maximum EMI protection, as well as IP67-rated dust – and waterproofing.

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Redundant Actuators

Redundant actuatorsOur two-channel redundant actuators are ideal for mission-critical aircraft and robotics applications, enabling continuous operation even after one channel has failed. All major components are duplicated, including the electric motor, control and communication electronics, and power supply.

The actuators also integrate a range of diagnostic sensors that provide continuous information on critical parameters such as current consumption, supply voltage levels and temperature. Health status can be easily read out via the RS-485 interface.

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Submersible Actuators

Submersible ActuatorsOur specialized actuators for submersible and deep-sea applications are ideal for military and naval UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles) such as AUVs and ROVs. Housed in robust enclosures made from saltwater-resistant aluminum or CNC-machined marine bronze, the actuators provide options for communications via opto-coupler PWM, RS-422 PWM or digital RS-485 options.

Each subsea actuator is tested in our purpose-built lab for six hours in a pressure tank under a variety of atmospheric pressures. Customized variants can be provided upon request.

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OPV Actuators

OPV actuatorsVolz has developed a range of servo actuators specifically for the requirements of Optionally Piloted Vehicle (OPV) applications, featuring a toothless electromagnetic clutch that can be engaged or disengaged as required to switch between manned and unmanned flight.

All our OPV servos incorporate external position sensing, making them unique within the market, and are rated to IP67 standards. The highly versatile actuators can be customized in a number of ways to suit a range of requirements, with options for fixation points, connectors, arms, communications interfaces and more.

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Custom Actuators

We can design and manufacture bespoke actuator solutions for a wide range of military and defense projects, and specialize in adapting servo technology to our customers’ unique requirements for platforms such as HALE UAVs, robotic vehicles, and deep-sea UUVs/AUVs.

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