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Avidrone 490TL Over-Sized Payload, Extended Range - Super Heavy Lift Cargo Drone
Avidrone 490TL

Over-Sized Payload, Extended Range - Super Heavy Lift Cargo Drone

Designed and manufactured in Canada, the Avidrone 480TL is a fully automated long-range flight with heavy lifting capabilities drone. Specifically designed to fly defense missions, Avidrone UAS enables new ways to do airborne tasks such as automating cargo transport, delivering critical supplies, and reaching difficult places with medicine, tools, and parts. Those capabilities include: Payload 50lbs/23Kg | Range 100mi/160km | Speed 60mph/97kmh | Endurance 90 mins | Gross Weight 120lbs/56kg Controlled by a proprietary flight control system that delivers: - 100% automated flight from takeoff to landing - Designed specifically for BVLOS missions - High-security closed-loop communication protocols - Trusted by global defense and government applications - Common Control System – ecosystem of Avidrone UAV operations - Safe, repeatable, high stability flight paths - High speed cruise flight and high-efficiency flight algorithms - 2lb to 1000lb+ UAVs – trusted flight capability - Touch-and-Go automated package delivery - Fail-safes, Geofencing, Alternate Landing zones - Full Simulation Mission Creation - Complete telemetry logging and live mission feedback The system is fully configurable to enable applications demanding fully automated touch-and-go cargo delivery, long-range cruise flights, and precision surveillance missions. Designed for non-aviation operators, the Avidrone flight control system does all the flying by itself, maintaining safe and secure coordinated flight, developed specifically for Beyond-Visual-Line-Of-Sight (BVLOS) operations. With one-touch mission operation, UAS systems can be deployed on long-range missions without skilled pilots required. Visit Website Send Message

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