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Cutting-Edge UAV Technologies for Defense Primes, Drone OEMs and Systems Integrators

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UAV Propulsion Tech
Cutting-Edge UAV Technologies for Defense Primes, Drone OEMs and Systems Integrators
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UAV Propulsion Tech markets leading UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technologies from around the world into the United States, allowing domestic defense primes, drone OEMs and systems integrators to expand their options and benefit from the cutting-edge capabilities provided by the international market.

We represent a variety of providers from countries including Germany, Austria, Estonia, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, USA, France, Switzerland and Sweden. These military-grade commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom solutions already empower a range of high-performance UAV platforms operating globally.

UAV Propulsion Tech

UAV Engines, Propulsion & Fuel Cells

Suter Industries

Compact 2-stroke gasoline & heavy fuel UAV engines

Suter Industries UAV enginesSuter Industries produces robust modular UAV engines based around a core 2-stroke platform with air cooling, advanced electronic engine management and a 1kW starter/generator. Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions including extremes of cold, these gasoline-powered engines feature automatic altitude and temperature calibration, and heavy fuel variants are currently under development.

All Suter engines are produced in Switzerland and are put through a thorough testing regime, and are supplied with a certificate of conformance.

More information: Suter Industries UAV engines

Mejzlik Propellers

Custom & COTS military-grade drone propellers

Mejzlik develops aerospace- and military-grade COTS and custom propeller solutions for UAVs, and can work closely with clients to ensure the perfect propeller design for any multirotor, fixed-wing or hybrid VTOL unmanned aircraft platform.

Mejzlik drone propellers

Manufactured from lightweight and tough carbon fiber, Mejzlik’s propellers are developed in-house via expert 3D modelling, simulation, production and thorough testing.

More information: Mejzlik drone propellers


Advanced drone propulsion solutions for multirotor, fixed-wing & hybrid platforms

ePropelled offers a range of starter-generators, intelligent power systems, and electronic engine starters that deliver best-in-class power and thrust-per-weight ratio, and also feature unique advanced cooling technology that allows UAVs to operate at higher altitudes where the air is thinner.

ePropelled drone propulsion solutions

The company also provides compact and high-power drone propulsion motors in a wide range of sizes, with continuous power outputs from 750 W up to 12 kW.

More information: ePropelled drone propulsion solutions

H3 Dynamics

Hydrogen fuel cells for military & defense drone applications

H3 Dynamics hydrogen fuel cells for drones

H3 Dynamics is a developer of cutting-edge hydrogen power technologies, and the creator of the world’s highest power density fuel cell systems for small UAS.  The company’s lightweight and high-performance products have provided extended flight times and enabled BVLOS operations for mission-critical drones around the world.

H3 provides fuel cell stacks with outputs ranging from 10W to 2kW, as well as hydrogen propulsion nacelles, storage solutions, and refuelling stations.

More information: H3 Dynamics hydrogen fuel cells for drones


Liquid level sensing & flow meter technology for military UAVs

Reventec liquid level sensing technology

Reventec provides world-leading capacitive liquid level sensing technology for fuel, oil, water, and coolant level measurement in UAVs and unmanned systems, as well as revolutionary ultrasonic flow sensors that ensure high accuracy even under highly dynamic conditions. The company also offers solid-state rotary position sensors, temperature sensors and speed sensors for engines and gearboxes.

Reventec are experts in sensor development for harsh environments, making their products ideal for military vehicles. Many of their products can be customized to meet specific length, mounting and geometry requirements.

More information: Reventec liquid level sensing technology

UAV Servos, Flight Controllers & Autopilots


Custom & COTS mission-critical servo actuator solutions

Volz actuator solutionsVolz provides a wide range of COTS and custom actuator solutions for UAVs, OPVs (optionally piloted vehicles) and robotics, with a variety of options including brushless motors, contactless sensor, position feedback, clutch mechanisms and submersible capabilities.

Volz actuators have been selected for a number of leading UAV platforms including the Lockheed Martin Fury 1500, Northrop Grumman BAT and Schiebel Camcopter S-100.

More information: Volz actuator solutions


Professional autopilots for all UAV platform types

MicroPilot professional UAV autopilots

MicroPilot is a developer of compact and lightweight drone autopilots for fixed-wing, multirotor, hybrid and helicopter UAVs. The company has supplied its products to a wide range of clients in over 100 countries, including major government organizations and defense primes such as NASA, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon.

MicroPilot provides a full range of board-level and fully enclosed autopilot systems, with common operating procedures and a full upgrade path that provides clients with a scalable single-vendor solution. Options and features include fully autonomous operation, airspeed and altitude hold, turn co-ordination and triple redundancy.

More information: MicroPilot professional UAV autopilots

Aeron Systems

MEMS inertial sensors for drones and robotics

Aeron Systems MEMS-based inertial sensors

Aeron Systems provides a range of compact MEMS-based inertial sensors that are ideal for drones and robotic systems, with options including AHRS, INS, digital compasses and tactical-grade GPS-aided systems. Several of their products feature qualification to military and aerospace standards such as DO-254, DO-178B, MIL-STD-461E and MIL-STD-810G.

More information: Aeron Systems MEMS-based inertial sensors

UAV Gimbals & Imaging Systems


Compact EO & IR imaging gimbals for UAVs

Merio gyro-stabilized imaging gimbalsMerio is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced gyro-stabilized imaging gimbals for UAVs, with solutions ranging from low-SWaP payloads for mini-UAS up to full HD EO and cooled MWIR systems for large tactical surveillance drones.

Merio multi-sensor imaging gimbals for UAVs

Designed to excel in challenging environments, Merio’s gimbals can be customized to meet specific mission requirements, and provide powerful ISR capabilities for military and government UAV systems.

More information: Merio gyro-stabilized imaging gimbals for UAVs

UAV Launchers & Parachutes


Parachute recovery systems for fixed-wing UAVsPASA parachutes for fixed-wing UAVs

PASA’s ProtectUAV parachute solutions are compact and lightweight and provide options for fixed-wing UAVs with MTOWs from 45 to 100kg.

They have been extensively tested at deployment speeds from 60 to 220km/h and feature quick stabilization and low tendency of oscillation.

ProtectUAV parachutes also include an automatic cord-cutter system that releases the parachute upon landing, minimizing the potential for damage due to high wind.

More information: PASA parachutes for fixed-wing UAVs


Pyrotechnic parachutes for VTOL drones & UAM

ParaZero COTS and custom drone parachutesParaZero provides COTS and custom safety parachutes for multirotor and hybrid drones as well as larger platforms such as cargo delivery UAVs and UAM (urban air mobility) platforms. The systems continually analyze flight data in real time to ensure timely detection of failures and safe transferral of the aircraft to ground.

More information: ParaZero COTS and custom drone parachutes

Eli Airborne Solutions

Pneumatic UAV catapult launcher & parachute release systems

Eli Airborne Solutions

Eli Airborne Solutions has developed pneumatic catapult launchers for UAVs with MTOWs of up to 45 kg and 100 kg, providing launch speeds of up to 25m/s. The highly portable battery-powered systems can be stored and transported in two rugged cases, and can be customized for specific drone platforms.

The company also provides COTS and custom parachute release systems that immediately disconnect the canopy upon impact, ensuring that UAVs are not damaged by dragging.

More information: Eli Airborne Solutions – UAV catapult launcher & parachute release systems

UAV Transponders & Remote ID Solutions


Miniature transponders for ADS-B, Remote ID & DAA

Aerobits miniature transponders for ADS-B, Remote ID & DAA

Aerobits has developed a suite of miniaturized transponders that are designed to help accelerate the integration of drones into national airspaces and to provide enhanced UTM (unmanned traffic management) and DAA (detect and avoid) capabilities.

The company’s portfolio includes OEM and plug-and-play solutions for ADS-B, FLARM, Mode A/C/S, and Remote ID, as well as mobile and fixed ground stations for air traffic surveillance and airspace monitoring.

More information: Aerobits miniature transponders for ADS-B, Remote ID & DAA

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