Military IoT Data Network for Military Asset Tracking & Management
Orion Real-time Data Network™ IoT for Military Asset Tracking & Logistics
Orion Real-time Data Network™

IoT for Military Asset Tracking & Logistics

Orion is Smarter Technologies’ proprietary real-time IoT data network - a long-range, low-frequency, radio system for equipment tracking and military asset management using low power ultra-narrow band 433 MHz UHF radio. Visit Website Contact
Orion Real-time Data Network™

Military IoT Data Network for Asset Tracking & Inventory Management

Fully end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) low-power network solution for defense applications.  Orion sensors can be retrofitted or integrated into military equipment whilst gateways can be mobile or static, and mains, battery or solar powered. Gateways listen, and tags and sensors report on the location and status of almost any asset every two minutes when static, every 30 seconds when in motion.IoT Data NetworkWith more reliable transmission of near real-time data Orion is immune to Wi-Fi dead-spots, Bluetooth range limitations, LoRaWAN channel congestion and GSM data charges.

Orion’s low frequency gives it significant range and penetration through buildings, or into underground spaces, whilst the efficient duty cycle and 2-way radio protocol avoids channel congestion and packet loss. 

Advantages for the Defense Sector

  • Less susceptible to jamming, interception or interference 
  • Easy to configure, quick to install, and remotely updated
  • Compatible with other existing network technologies, such as GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, Sigfox and ZigBee HAN
  • Uniquely frugal, enabling battery-powered sensors to operate for years on a single power pack