Powerful Edge Video Processing - Essential functionality for a wide range of ISR applications
Video Processing Software Real-time video enhancement, tracking and optimization software suite
Video Processing Software

Real-time video enhancement, tracking and optimization software suite

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Video Processing Software

SightLine’s Video Processing Software provides a powerful and constantly growing suite of capabilities for the company’s video processing hardware systems, including a wide range of performance-enhancing functionality for military and defense applications including ISR, targeting, and counter-drone systems.

Processing & Encoding: HD video capabilities include 1080p/30 and 720p/30 processing and encoding. Ethernet video encoding outputs for reducing system bandwidth include MPEG2 TS, MPEG4 and RTP M-JPEG. KLV metadata is generated in accordance with MISB standards 0102.10, 0601.7, 0603.2, 0604.3, and 0903.3.

Video Stabilization: dramatically improves video by removing high-frequency noise and frame-to-frame jitter, and corrects camera frame-to-frame rotation during aircraft roll motion.

Scene and Object Tracking: powerful gimbal feedback is delivered based on the entire scene. Tracked objects can be isolated from background using advanced image analysis and motion estimation, and persistent tracking is possible even when view of the object of interest is temporarily blocked.

Telemetry Data: provides low latency location data from object tracking, scene steering, and MTI objects, as well as temperature data from radiometric cameras and focus telemetry for autofocus implementations.

Assisted Precision Landing: provides position, range, and angle data to aircraft landing systems, and automatically finds and tracks a landing pattern. Works independently of GPS, enabling accurate landing in GPS-denied environments.

Detection Algorithms: multiple detection modes, including the ability to detect up to 100 very small moving objects, and specific abilities for finding small, dynamically maneuvering multirotor drones

Video Enhancement and Overlays: capabilities include Digital Zoom, Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (CLAHE), Local Area Processing (LAP), de-noising and edge sharpening, false colour schemes, and extended 14 bit-depth processing.