3D Monitors & Workstations for Mission Planning, Data Visualization & Virtual Simulation
High-Performance Workstations High-End Workstation-Solutions for demanding Data Processing
High-Performance Workstations

High-End Workstation-Solutions for demanding Data Processing

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High-Performance Workstations Unlimited possibilities. Breakthrough performance. Robust reliability

Imagine your company using a workstation system with visualization, computation and design functions that offers an unprecedented, most favorable ratio between price and extreme performance. Schneider Digital has teamed up with AMD to build such a system for you:
The PULSARON Threadripper™ PRO workstation with up to four high-performance graphics cards, a 64-core CPU that is optimized for continuous, high-performance use and ISV-certified for multithreaded applications

Maximum power for all professional applications and areas of use
  • Geodata Processing
  • Manufacturing and Product Development
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction
  • Health & Medical
  • Media and Gaming
  • Financial Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Unrivaled many cores: Made for the fast lane!

Schneider Digital and AMD bring together what belongs together: concentrated 64-core CPU dynamics with 128 threads, connected to high-performance main memory with 3,200 MHz clock speed, which can be expanded to 1-Terabyte ECC RAM.

Our motherboard features 7x PCI Express 4.0 x16 slots for ultra-high-end graphics options and the possibility of integrating 18 NVMe mass storage devices with U.2 or M.2 interfaces as internal, noiseless ultra-fast RAID drives. Everything in a compact housing with an optimally dimensioned cooling concept.

This means that the ISV-certified PULSARON Threadripper ™ PRO workstation is fit for the most complex photogrammetry, rendering and visualization workflows, 8K streaming and (AI) simulation solutions.

Performance Characteristics
  • Unbeatable Performance
  • Maximum Performance - tailored for you
  • Power "on the rocks": well cooled and easy to maintain
  • ISV-certified and fit for the most complex tasks
  • Complete protection. Smart security functions