Reusable Containers for Safe Transport and Storage including UAV, Munitions and Engine Components
Engine Containers Aerospace and Defense Engine Containers
Engine Containers

Aerospace and Defense Engine Containers

PRC Composites small and business jet engine containers provide safe, reliable and reusable packaging, handling, storage and transportation solutions for high value engines and components including; nacelle components, jet engine fan cowl, exhaust and thrust reverser components, and rocket engines. Visit Website Contact
Engine Containers Rugged Engine Containers for Military Use

Our engine containers provide safe storage for future maintenance, enhanced drop safety and reduced container weight by 50% vs. metal, as well as water resistance and cost savings when compared to using metal containers.

  • Eliminated damaged parts saving millions (4% to 0%)
  • Outbound shipping density increased 100%
  • Return density up to 5:1 from nested design
  • Reduced container weight by 50% vs. metal
  • Eliminated disposal and waste issues
  • Most applications 3 years or less payback
Example Specifications:
Length Width Height Full Capacity
Landing Gear Assembly Box 65 in 42 in 32in 1500 lbs
Wing Skins / Ribs 234 in 90 in 96.75 in 1525 lbs
Shafts / Wing Spars 216 in 44.5 in 27.5 in 782 lbs
Frames / Vane Box / Ducts 167 in 90 in 63.75 in 1265 lbs