Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Solutions for Defense and Aerospace

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Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Solutions for Defense and Aerospace
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Forsberg is a leading provider of PNT (positioning, navigation and timing) solutions for defense and aerospace customers. With an innovative portfolio of products and the drive to continuously advance and adapt to the changing needs of the warfighter, we deliver reliable and robust technology that makes military operations a success.

Our rugged high-accuracy GNSS products provide precise positioning and time measurements for a range of platforms and applications, including land vehicles, naval vessels, and aircraft and UAVs.

Forsberg also provides a range of engineering services, with an expert team that can create innovative bespoke solutions for your unique military GNSS and navigation requirements. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards as well as IPC electronics manufacturing standards.

Smart GNSS Antennas

Military Vehicle

Forsberg’s ReACT (Receiver Antenna Compact Technology) is a compact rugged system that pairs our smart GNSS antenna with a variety of receiver options, providing a flexible solution for challenging military PNT requirements. The system is ideal for military wheeled and tracked vehicles as well as maritime deployment, engineered to survive harsh environments and featuring saltwater corrosion resistance.

The versatile solution can be equipped with optional firmware modules for further customization of additional I/O, data output and functionality, including CAN frame configuration, enhanced inertial operation and attitude determination through a linked antenna network.

More information: ReACT Smart GNSS Antennas

Rugged GNSS Enclosure

Military Vehicle RIDGE

RIDGE (Rugged Integrated Dynamic GNSS Enclosure) is a compact and lightweight multi-frequency and multi-constellation GNSS solution for military vehicles and base stations. The MIL-STD qualified enclosure is highly suited to harsh environments, with resistance to shock, vibration, sand, salt spray and more.

RIDGE provides advanced protection against jamming, spoofing and interference, and can be quickly adapted to bespoke requirements such as custom data formats.

More information: RIDGE Rugged GNSS Enclosure Datasheet

NovAtel GPS Anti-Jamming Technology

novatel GPS Anti Jamming Technology

Forsberg are dealers of NovAtel GPS anti-jamming technology and provide a range of COTS GPS anti-jamming solutions for land, air and marine platforms. The compact systems can be easily integrated into new military vehicle designs, or retrofitted to existing and legacy fleets.

More information: NovAtel GPS Anti-Jamming Solutions

Mapping, Navigation & Targeting Software

Mapping Navigation Targeting Software

MANTIS (Mapping Navigation and Targeting Integrated Software) aggregates real-time battlefield sensor data into a common operating picture, enhancing situational awareness for timely and critical decision-making at all levels.

The software can be installed on a variety of tablets and handheld devices, and captures georeferenced imagery and STANAG 4609 compliant video that can be shared via a secure radio network or Wi-Fi connection.

More information: Mapping, Navigation & Targeting Software

Tracking & Geo-fencing Solutions

NORA allows real-time tracking and monitoring of critical assets and resources, designed for maximum interoperability with a range of powerful features including gunshot detection, live and recorded video-streaming, CCTV and UAV downlink.


Able to leverage a wide variety of sensors connected to the network, NORA connects headquarters, on-scene commanders, teams and individual users to provide maximum situational awareness. The platform can be implemented as an Azure cloud service, or integrated into the infrastructure at the user’s own premises.

More information: Tracking & Geo-fencing Solutions Product Sheet

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