Military Embedded Solutions: Rugged Computers, Mission Critical Servers, Secure Data Storage
Rugged Switches Rugged networking at the edge
Rugged Switches

Rugged networking at the edge

Crystal Group rugged switches bring plug-and-play functionality to demanding military, industrial, and commercial applications in the air, on land and at sea. Based on the Ruckus ICX series, these rugged switches provide intelligent, scalable, stackable LAN solutions with enterprise class functionality, impenetrable cybersecurity and MIL-SPEC environmental performance. Visit Website Contact
Rugged Switches

High-performance switches are housed in rugged, lightweight, and compact enclosures made of strain-hardened aircraft aluminum, designed to survive unpredictable, harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity, shock and vibration, dust, sand, and salt fog. Explore the features and capabilities of the Crystal Group rugged switches and let us help you customize the solution best suited to meet your requirements.