Embedded Systems for Military Applications: Rugged Computers, Mission Critical Servers, Secure Data Storage
RE2624M Rugged Portable Server The new standard for field-deployable media management
RE2624M Rugged Portable Server

The new standard for field-deployable media management

Developed for field-deployable media management applications, the RE2624M sets a new standard for delivering seamless, high-speed data transfer, programming mission loads, and offloading data from portable media in the most extreme and demanding environments. Equipped with up to 16 cores, the system supports a variety of workloads, including virtualization, data processing, and other I/O-intensive tasks. The four external 10GbE connectors deliver fast uplink for media transfers to downstream users. Visit Website Contact
RE2624M Rugged Portable Server Key features
  • Media receptacle for multiple drive packs
  • 16-drive RSS116 media canister
  • Cross-domain solution media canister
  • Crystal Group modular data canisters
  • One full-length and two short-depth 5.25’’ bays
  • Up to a 16 core 2.2Ghz Intel Xeon D processor
  • Four 10GbE external connections: RJ45 or MIL-CIRC
  • Up to two M.2 SSDs non-removable storage
  • Up to 512GB DDR4
  • IPMI-enabled for remote setup, monitoring, and control
  • AC or DC power with optional battery power
  • Lightweight at approximately 35-40lbs (15.88-18.14kg)
  • Overall dimensions: 14.61” H (37.11cm) x 9.22” W (23.42cm) x 22.18” D (56.34cm)
Intelligent, compact design

Designed to reduce the hefty footprint of current media collection and transfer systems used in military aircraft, the RE2624M compresses the functionality and performance of more than 400 pounds of equipment into a portable 40-pound units. With dimensions that meet commercial aircraft guidelines for carry-on luggage, the RE2624M case supports data extraction while an optional second case facilitates human machine interface. For maximum protection during transport and storage, the lightweight protective case is made of carbon fiber and sealed for IP65 protection levels.