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Subsonus Revolutionary USBL and INS

Revolutionary USBL and INS

Subsonus is a next-generation USBL that provides high accuracy position, velocity and heading at depths of up to 1,000 metres. Visit Website Contact

Subsonus is a complete USBL underwater positioning system that leverages its advanced miniaturisation to enable innovative underwater acoustic positioning. Subsonus features an industry-leading calibrated hydrophone array, combined with a tightly coupled INS to provide high accuracy position, velocity, and heading at depths of up to 1000m. The unique miniature titanium housing allows Subsonus to be installed on remote vehicles, as well as on a surface vessel, allowing two USBL positions to be calculated and merged in the advanced INS filter. This dual USBL setup also allows a respectable quality heading to be transferred acoustically from the surface vessel to the remote system.