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Subsonus Tag High-endurance Subsea Transponder
Subsonus Tag

High-endurance Subsea Transponder

Subsonus Tag is a cost-effective acoustic positioning transponder that operates with the Subsonus USBL. Visit Website Contact
Subsonus Tag

Subsonus Tag fully encapsulates all parts in a maintenance-free polymer composite to completely eliminate the risk of leaks. This ground-breaking, pressure tolerant design offers unmatched reliability and uncompromising value. The innovative design and use of materials mean that the Subsonus Tag has the highest battery density on the market, offering up to 18 months of autonomy on a single charge.

Since there are no connectors, fast charging is performed using readily available Qi wireless chargers. Highly scalable, with up to 65,000 Tags trackable using one surface Subsonus unit, this transponder is also easy to use with its pressure tolerant display and its Bluetooth compatibility. Subsonus Tag re-defines the transponder market, allowing it to be deployed in previously costprohibitive applications without sacrificing performance.