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Spatial FOG Dual Rugged FOG INS with dual antenna heading
Spatial FOG Dual

Rugged FOG INS with dual antenna heading

Spatial FOG Dual is a rugged GNSS/INS that provides accurate position, velocity, acceleration, and orientation under the most demanding conditions. Visit Website Send Message
Spatial FOG Dual

The Spatial FOG Dual is a dual-antenna moving baseline RTK variant of the Spatial FOG GPS-aided INS/AHRS. It provides highly accurate heading output while both stationary and moving. The triple frequency Trimble RTK GNSS receiver provides up to 8mm accuracy positioning and supports all of the current and future satellite navigation systems, as well as the Omnistar service for even higher accuracy positioning.

The Spatial FOG Dual is ideally suited for unmanned vehicle operations where single antennas struggle or where additional heading accuracy is required, such as unmanned marine surveying platforms. It is also ideal for use in unmanned helicopters, where high levels of magnetic interference make magnetic heading unusable and single antenna GNSS/INS systems can have issues resolving the heading due to the 3D movement and stationary hovering of the platform.

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