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Kinematica Post processing kinematic (PPK)

Post processing kinematic (PPK)

Kinematica is a GNSS/INS post-processing kinematic (PPK) software. It processes raw GNSS and INS data to achieve an even higher level of accuracy than what is available in real-time. Kinematica is compatible with all of Advanced Navigation’s GNSS/INS solutions. Visit Website Contact

Kinematica is web-based GNSS/INS post-processing software for raw GNSS and inertial data from any of our GNSS/INS products.

Kinematic GNSS post-processing provides an up to 200 times increase in position accuracy over standard real-time GNSS. The Kinematica software automatically downloads the closest RINEX base station data and outputs position to an accuracy of 8mm.

Kinematica utilises forward and backward-looking in time to fill satellite outages and compensate for errors that would normally affect a real-time solution. It also supports both loosely and tightly coupled GNSS/INS processing, automatically switching between them to provide the best accuracy results under the conditions at that point in time.

Ideal for post-processing data acquired from surveying, LiDAR and aerial photography applications.