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Cutting-Edge Body Armor Systems & Personal Protective Gear for Military, Law Enforcement & Security Personnel

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Adept Armor
Cutting-Edge Body Armor Systems & Personal Protective Gear for Military, Law Enforcement & Security Personnel
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Adept Armor is the developer of the world’s most advanced body armor systems and personal protective gear for military, law enforcement and security personnel. Based on cutting-edge materials science, our products deliver the utmost in protection in the most hostile of environments, without compromising mobility or versatility.

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Our Materials

Our products are the results of an unprecedented combination of extensive world-class research and development, and state-of-the-art ceramics, composites and other innovative materials. These materials include:

Silicon Carbide (SiC): our SiC-TB2 is a pressureless sintered silicon carbide/titanium diboride composite that is ideal for armor that needs to withstand the most extreme of ballistic impacts. It also features excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, mechanical abrasion, and extremes of temperature.

sintered silicon carbide composite armor

SiC composite ceramic armor

Boron Carbide: our boron carbine ceramics provide extreme hardness with a low density, enabling the creation of the lightest possible body armor plates up to Level IV.

sintered boron carbide ceramics

boron carbide ceramic body armor

Amorphoid: our innovative Amorphoid is a high-performance chemically-treated phase-change silicate that combines extreme toughness with excellent ballistic damage resistance. It is ideal for the creation of lightweight and low-density protection against rifle-caliber ammunition.

RF3/RF3+ & Level IV/IV+ Body Armor Plates

colossus body armor plate

Colossus Armor Plate

Colossus is the world’s most protective armor plate, featuring next-generation materials designed specifically to resist modern tungsten-cored small arms ammunition. Precision-engineered to be the strongest plate in the Level 4 Body Armor category while achieving below-average weight, it is available in regular or large sizes.

Colossus side armor plate

Colossus Side Plates

Colossus side plates are designed to be worn alongside the torso plate, providing maximum lateral coverage and protection against high-caliber and modern armor-piercing rounds.

RF2 & Level III+ Body Armor Plates

thunder body armor plate

Thunder Armor Plate

Thunder is an RF2-rated armor plate engineered from our next-generation Amorphoid toughened silicate material. Providing full edge-to-edge coverage against steel-cored rifle ammunition, it is the lightest armor plate in its class and provides perfect balance between protection and mobility.

titanium armor body plate

Mantis Titanium Armor Plate

Mantis body armor features a forged multi-curved titanium alloy plate with polyethylene backing, combining the toughness of steel and the weight and performance of ceramics with no need for compromise. It stops a wide variety of ammunition types and minimizes front-face fragmentation by stopping them inside the plate rather than on the surface.

Storm System Modular & Stackable Body Armor Plates

The Storm System is a modular body armor plate system that allows wearers to adapt to the protection requirements of differing missions, job roles and regions, and ensures that you are never under-protected or unnecessarily overburdened. It features an ultra-lightweight foundation RF1/Level III plate, as well as a range of addons that enable protection upgrades up to RF3/Level IV.

Storm Foundation Ultralight Body Armor Plate

Storm Foundation Armor Plate

The Storm Foundation is an ultra-light Level 3/RF1 body armor RF1 plate weighing just 2.4 lbs and utilizing an advanced UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) composite construction. It is designed to stop all handgun rounds, as well as lead-cored and mild steel cored rifle rounds, without sacrificing mobility.

Storm Foundation torso side plates

Storm Foundation Side Plates

Storm Foundation side plates can be worn alongside the Foundation torso plate or any of our others, providing maximum lateral coverage and protection against a range of rifle rounds.

Storm Titanium RF2 Body Armor

Storm Titanium Armor Plate

Storm Titanium is an addon to Storm Foundation that upgrades the system to full RF2 level, ensuring protection against steel-cored rifle ammunition threats such as M855 and M80. Precision-engineered from an ultra-tough titanium alloy, it is also ideal as standalone protection against high-velocity handgun rounds such as .44 and .357 Magnum, and can also be used as a stab plate.

Storm Disruptor Level 4 RF3 body armor

Storm Disruptor Armor Plate

Storm Disruptor combines with Storm Foundation to provide full Level IV/RF3 protection with an unprecedented level of modularity and lightweight performance. Manufactured from a monolithic toughened ceramic material, it enables the Storm System to protect against armor-piercing threats such as 30-06 APM2 and 7.62x51mm M80A1.

Tactical Plate Carriers

dragoon armor plate carrier

Dragoon Plate Carrier

The Dragoon is a lightweight and versatile plate carrier designed to support a wide range of armor plates from very thin up to 1.5 inches. Excelling in both covert and overt missions, it features reduced IR emissivity and enhanced water repellency, and provides laser-cut MOLLE attachments on every surface.

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